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Augustus Cushions

Mix, match and make your space with Augustus cushions. These wool cushions are simply stunning with their contrast colour piping. Such an easy way to update a room and make a real design statement. The
piping is available in matching or contrasting colours.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

augustus_cushions.pdf 452.1 K

Warwick Fabrics - September 2019 Fabric Release

Warwick's September release has officially arrived and we have a selection of new fabrics to show you.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

warwick_september_2019_presentation.pdf 2.4 M

Warwick Fabrics - Nolan Collection

Bold, playful and unique, Nolan is an Australian made collection with a modern retro mood.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

warwick_fabrics_nolan_collection.pdf 517.1 K

Tula & Rica Collection by James Dunlop

Traditional textile design with strong ethnic influences is the inspiration for Tula and Rica. A large scale design woven in a fixed construction creates a contemporary interpretation, balanced with a palette of warm neutrals and aquatic tones.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

tula_and_rica_collection_by_james_dunlop.pdf 2.5 M

Lil Munchkins Collection by Warwick Fabrics

Pull out the colours and let the fun begin! Featuring Warwick Fabrics new Lil Munchkins collection.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

lil_munchkins_collection_by_warwick_fabrics.pdf 4.9 M

Blazer by Camira Fabrics

Blazer is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material which is soft, clean and bright, which is ideal for spinning, weaving and dyeing.
The colour palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full colour spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitable for wide-ranging furniture applications.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

blazer_by_camira_fabrics.pdf 3.1 M

Tropical Collection by Pegasus

This beautiful sheer from the Tropical collection by Pegasus is a long time favourite and freshened up with these gorgeous flowers.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

tropical_collection_by_pegasus.pdf 2.2 M

Aditi Collection By Warwick Fabrics

Durable mudcloth, tribal patterns and bold tones make the Aditi range a timeless statement. Aditi calls us to be daring with patterns using multiple kinds in one space to give a dramatic earthy result.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

aditi_collection_by_warwick_fabrics.pdf 3.0 M

Mokum - Majorelle Collection by Catherine Martin

The Majorelle collection, references the iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his enchanting retreat, Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, famed for its sophisticated and exotic interior design, brilliant blue exterior and magnificent gardens. Catherine Martin’s nod to Yves Saint Laurent, pays homage to her French heritage and love affair with French culture, design and interior architecture. The collection revisits quintessential textile design from the last 100 years, reflecting elements of Moorish tile systems paired with animal skins, tropical palm prints, lustrous and tactile velvet plus a hint of Art Deco!

Part I of the Majorelle collection unveils a sense of what’s to come. Delivering a diverse offering which includes; luxuriant velvet, an elegant and tailored basket weave, a glamorous leopard skin and two sophisticated drapery textiles. Part II, due for release later this year, expands on this theme with its mix of luxury constructions and opulent colour palette which includes stunning coordinating wallpaper and trimming designs. The Majorelle collection embraces exotic themes and pays homage to one of Catherine Martin’s dearest design influences, maximist Tony Duquette, who advocates that “More is more!”

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

mokum-majorelle_collection_by_catherine_martin.pdf 1.8 M

Euphoria Collection By Warwick Fabrics

Designed in Warwick’s Melbourne studio, Euphoria uses abstract florals with organic geometric designs to create a distinctive style that is fun, casual and effortlessly urban.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

euphoria_collection-warwick_fabrics.pdf 564.8 K

Mokum Studio - Paradiso Collection by Catherine Martin

Mokum has collaborated with Academy Award winning production and costume designer Catherine Martin on a fabric collection that celebrates tropical colour and exuberance.

The Paradiso Collection is woven in high performance constructions that ensure its suitability for indoor and outdoor upholstery applications where superb sunlight resistance, commercial durability and easy care are essential requirements.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

mokum-paradiso_collection_by_catherine_martin.pdf 437.8 K

Warwick Fabrics - Daintree Collection

Reminiscent of taking a stroll through the lush green foliage of a tropical rainforest, Daintree is a captivating collection that evokes feelings of being surrounded by nature. With natural textures and a dry touch, Daintrees plant designs combined with a diverse colour scheme create an aesthetic that is botanical, serene and utterly unique.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

warwick_fabrics-daintree_collection.pdf 747.9 K

Austex Fusion Printed Fabrics

Welcome to a new world of design possibilities... Be inspired by Austex Fusion, custom printed fabrics... where form meets function and design is more than decoration.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

fusion_wortley_fabrics.pdf 5.4 M

Warwick Fabrics - Ortega Collection

Relaxed and Contemporary, Ortega is a decorative collection that offers plush textures and a diverse colour palette of earthy on-trend shades.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

warwick_fabrics-ortega_collection.pdf 738.0 K

Ashley Wilde - Signature Collection

Signature is a fun and contemporary collection designed by Lotta Jansdotter, a Swedish textile designer currently residing in New York.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

hupper-ashley-wilde-signature-collection.pdf 812.4 K

Alpine by James Dunlop

The Alpine Collection is inspired by the mountainous regions of New Zealand and in particular the Tongariro National Park. This collection explores the reconnection to nature and embraces inspiration drawn directly from the great outdoors. Volcanic landforms, domes, cones and lava create a vivid and dynamic landscape, influencing the surface designs of the collection. At a macro level, the alpine herb garden, a diversity of plants with delicate forms and rich colours inspired both pattern and scale in Alpine.

Please download the catalogue as a PDF file.

alpine_by_james_dunlop.pdf 5.5 M

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